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Fyre Festival Organizer Billy McFarland Has His Bail Revoked

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It’s hard to believe that Billy McFarland could be at once such a nightmare for everyone foolish enough to do business with him and such a bountiful source of endless entertainment for everyone else. Last week, the Fyre Festival “organizer” was caught allegedly selling fake tickets to events like Coachella and Burning Man—and this is after he plead guilty in March to fraudulently recruiting 80 investors to hand over $26 million for his infamously disastrous music festival.


Now, his bail has been revoked after a judge deemed him a flight risk and a nonviolent danger to the community. According to Billboard:

U.S. District Judge Naomi Reice Buchwald said Billy McFarland was a “serious risk of flight” after his re-arrest last week on new charges alleging that he tried to cheat some of the victims of his botched 2017 Fyre Festival on the Bahamian island of Exuma by trying to sell them bogus tickets to music, fashion and sporting events.


Last week, Assistant U.S. Attorney Kristy Greenberg successfully argued for McFarland’s detention, saying he’d told associates he would flee if Buchwald sentenced him to three years or more in prison.


McFarland will be sentenced on July 26. As of now, his plea deal calls for him to serve between eight and 10 years in prison. Bye Billy!


FYI, 2-year-old Saint West is still Kim Kardashian’s favorite boy, in case you thought he might have been replaced.

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