And now, for your regular update on the doings of classic America's Next Top Model vets: Whitney Thompson, the show's only plus-size winner, has opened an upscale bistro in Springfield, Tennessee. The Daily Mail considers this "defying the bullies," because, you know, she's plus-size.

In her latest column at SLiNK magazine (app only; via the Daily Mail), she explained that she does some baking and runs the front of the house, while her fiance is the executive chef and runs the kitchen. "'Ian and I have always loved cooking. We loved to bake cakes in high school and bring them in every day." Her Instagram and Twitter are now half modeling, half touting of specials that actually sound pretty good:


The Daily Mail of course covered this development with its usual flawless tact:

Yes, that's right, because she's a size 12 or whatever, being seen anywhere in the vicinity of food is in fact a tremendous act of bravery. So let's take this opportunity to dredge up the time someone called her a "fat cow." Cool.

In fact, it sounds like Thompson's reasons are rather more pedestrian: Springfield is close to family (her dad is the local police chief) and as she told the Tennessean, "I'm not giving up modeling.... I'm satisfied with what I've accomplished so far. I just don't want to be a mom with kids going on castings. That's not for me." Modeling must be the only profession that makes "restaurateur" seem like a flexible, family-friendly gig.


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