Furry Friends

Wait, you didn't want to look at that bare-assed cow? Well, neither did we. And if we have to, you have to. This isn't some kind of Furry erotica nor is it a PETA PSA; rather, it's the creepiest ad campaign in the history of the world, for a Brazilian web portal. The tag line (there's also a semi-nekkid teddy bear and monkey) reads, "Children can learn many things on the Internet. IG Parental Control. Make the Internet a safe place." One can only assume it's some kind of "wolf in sheep's clothing" warning - but for all their purported concern for children's well-being, this ad agency clearly doesn't care much about the psychological implications for any child unlucky enough to stumble across one of these babies. We know they'll be making a guest appearance in our nightmares tonight. [AdFreak via Ads of the World]


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