'Funnyman' Dane Cook Does His Best...To Alienate Us

We can think of a very few reasons you don't seem to much like Dane Cook. He's sort of like the funny best friend of Glamour blogger Edgy English Teacher (latest profundity: "You know how they say you live and learn? Well, the same be could be said about loving—you love and you learn" Deep.) who still hangs out with people like Edgy English Teacher because he has a small wiener. Which is why we never knew what to make of the above bit by Dane on crying. We think of it once a week, more if there's a picture of a tear-streaked Paris Hilton sobbing softly into her own reflection in a car window, but it's not enough to redeem his MySpace pimping, joke-stealing, Jessica Simpson-snogging or the probable part he played in Dave Chappelle's becoming disillusioned with comedy.

Dane Cook — Crying [YouTube]


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"Funnyman" should definitely be in quotation makrs. He's a total. And

he growns that scraggly Sonny Crockett beard to cover acne scars.

Patton Oswald and Wanda Sykes run circles around the guy.