Funny Women Try Their Hardest to Endorse Mitt Romney, Hilarity Ensues

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OK, the "binders full of women" joke has been more than beaten to death. It is a sun baked warthog corpse that was long ago picked to the bone by an eager, nervous internet liberal clusterfuck of circling joke vultures who would rather focus on Mitt Romney's dorkiness than the nutty closeness of this election (understandable! This shit is stressful!). But even though you're so full of binder jokes that if you were an actual binder, your rings would be stuck like a millimeter open, I implore you to open your heart to one more Mitt Romney/binders joke. I promise it's worth it. is the comedy engine behind this new video, featuring UCB funnywomen and Tinas Fey/Amys Pohler of the future Langan Kinglsley, Fran Gillespie, Sasheer Zamata, Anna Callegari, and Shannon O'Neill star in this short about an audition for a political ad that needs a "concerned woman" to speak about why she's voting for Romney. Except once they think about it for a second, they can't figure out why any woman who hadn't lost her damn mind would vote for a guy so obviously bad at relating to or advocating for women. A guy who answers debate questions about working women with conditional statements about how IF you're going to have women in the workforce, you've gotta let them out of work early sometimes so they can go home and cook dinner? Even fake Ann Romney isn't sure she can get behind that.


Laugh, gentle lady voters. Laugh so you don't cry.


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Erin Gloria Ryan

I'm starting to think Romney's afraid of women. He's a CHICKEN!