This ad just popped up in our RSS readers. It's an advertisement for Durex XXL condoms. Uh, yeah! Anyway, this writer's initial reaction was one of total disgust (shades of Ron Jeremy crossed with Jackass papercuts!) and derision. But what did everyone else think? Is the younger generation just more relaxed about this sort of stuff? Are we senior folk totally humorless? We asked the other Jezebels and one friend of Jezebel, in descending order of age.


Omg I just saw that and I was like dude. YOU WISH. I'm offended and also like, the creative team must all be DREAMING. I feel like it's the kind of thing some guys think is awesome, and they are the guys who think they've got something special, which, of course, means that they don't.



It's appallingly gross. But offensive? It takes more than that. It's not such a bad premise, but something about the execution โ€” especially the way the BandAids look more like stitches than BandAids โ€” is off-putting. I think a guy would find this funny, and that's the target customer, so I'm cool with it.


Slut Machine:

I think it's funny. This ad speaks to me because I can relate. I've been there. But not with the BandAids.



It's funny because it's offensive because it's some perfectly made-up model-type face.


There you have it: More evidence that, to the younger generation, sex means nothing, and image is everything!

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