Funny or Die Apologizes for That Christian Bro Abortion Apology Video

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Last week, a group of manly Christian dudes from Heroic Media apologized for "letting" the women they'd impregnated get abortions. They're sorry abortion is legal, they're sorry they didn't guilt those ladies hard enough, they're just a sorry, sorry, sorry group of men. Today, Funny or Die released a response: Women apologizing to anyone who had to watch that first video.

"I watched a terrible video," the first woman, Amanda One, says.

"I watched a very insulting video," offers Jennifer.

"It's a bad video," says Amanda Two.

The FOD ladies point out that the guys aren't the ones who actually had abortions and it's kind of ... odd?... that they insist that they did.


"I didn't have an abortion," Amanda Two says. "And I wouldn't say that I had an abortion if I didn't personally have an abortion."

"I'm sorry that video exists," Amanda One says.

"I'm sorry it's so easy to make videos," Jennifer agrees.

"Any fool can just grab a camera, say some stuff and make some women feel bad," Amanda Two says pensively.

The whole thing is pitch-perfect, featuring the kind of sorrowful piano music and lingering camera gazes as the original. But besides basic, much-deserved mockery, it makes a sharp little point about how much personal information the Heroic Bros released about their former sex partners while ostensibly confessing to their own misdeeds.

Jennifer: "I'm sorry they were so specific with timelines and details."

Amanda Two: I"m sorry that some of the friends and family of these women can probably just put two and two together."


Jennifer: "Why don't you just draw a map to the ladies' houses?"

In the end, the Funny or Die Women agree, they're sorry they couldn't somehow stop this atrocity of a video from happening. We're all sorry about that, ladies, but we'll work through it somehow.


Here's the full video:

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I thought this headline meant that the original video was actually Funny or Die and I was v. confused. Also, I'm a little stupid.