You Can Now Get Healthy Tampons Delivered to Your Door

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Here’s some cool news for anyone seeking a new form of a subscription-based service that caters to your period and the health of your vagina. Lola, a new feminine care brand, has made all-cotton tampons and you can get them delivered monthly, just like your period.


Lola was founded by two college friends—Jordana Kier and Alex Friedman, who wanted to make a product they felt good about putting in their bods. “We start using tampons at a young age, and we’re often given our first tampon from someone we trust, like a mom or a friend. Because of this, we don’t often think about what our tampons are actually made of, or if they’re healthy for us,” Kier told Techcrunch.

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Those big brand companies that we’re more familiar with make their tampons with a bunch of synthetics—rayon and polyester—and might also contain chemicals and dyes. The FDA doesn’t require tampon companies to list all of their ingredients, so we might not know exactly what kinds of things we’re inserting into our vaginas. Lola doesn’t keep this kind of information from the public. Their tampons are made from 100 percent cotton, also known as the fabric of our lives. They come with with plastic applicators and Lola is currently working on cardboard ones, as well.

Via Techcrunch, this is how the subscription works:

A single box holds 18 tampons and costs around $10, and folks who order two boxes at a time get $1 off each box. Like any other subscription service, Lola sends you your desired package (which is fully customizable by size) each month in time for Aunt Flo’s visit. For comparison, most brands of tampons cost between $6 and $11, depending on the size of the box, and obviously that doesn’t include delivery.

We should start seeing other brands get on this safer tampon bandwagon. According to Fast Company, Jessica Alba’s Honest Co. will be introducing feminine products soon, including a toxin-free tampon.

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Fun story time.

When I was in 7th grade, I left a tampon in for two weeks. I had just started getting my period a few months before and it was really heavy. So my mom introduced me to all the goods - pads, tampons, aleve, etc. A couple weeks after my period I noticed a...really bad smell down there. Then the smell turned into a rash. I scrubbed and cleaned but it wouldn’t go away. My mom took me to the pediatrician who decided I had some infection and gave me antibiotics. But it still wouldn’t go away. So finally my mom took me to a gyno, she looked inside me, said “yep there’s a tampon up there” and removed it and I immediately felt better. The room smelled so bad -_-

What I THINK happened was probably I forgot to take one out, maybe it slid up higher so I couldn’t see the string, whatever, and then put one in on top of that one and kept doing that for the remainder of my period so that the original tampon just stayed hidden. But I always think about TSS and how I had a tampon in for TWO WEEKS. Sheesh. Now that I’m on the pill, my periods are extremely light, but man those were the days.