From the tip line, "Will someone please look into the women's synch diving commentator?" Why sure! Here's a transcript of her comments last night on the Canadian team of Meaghan Benfeito and Roseline Filion (seen at left): "The challenge for the Canadians is to try to go in the water as cleanly as the Chinese do. They are not quite as streamlined, and they have a good rip entry when they grab their hands and get their elbows in tight to the head as they go through. Pretty good, it's difficult to be as clean as those Chinese that are just....wisps." Says our tipster: "From someone who knew what it meant to get comments tinted with a backhanded praise from relatives ('You're getting SO big! And not just tall!') listening to this woman is equally shocking and cringe-worthy." We're not sure if it was, indeed, purposely undermining faint praise, or if it was honest commentary. Thoughts?