From the Slate review of Crowned: "Some were veterans of the tiara circuit, and others were rank amateurs, and most were wearing too much blush. Their universe is gynocentric and homosocial." [Slate]


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This was quite possibly the most low budget show I have ever seen. Good for the writers, we can see what crap television we will have if they don't work something out. My junior high cheerleading tryouts were in a more impressive auditorium. And they're COMPETING for $100k— that's right— 12 weeks of humiliation and living in some house for a CHANCE to win $100k— that's pathetic. Where's the million dollars?

They couldn't insult the other loser teams too badly (the lady wearing reading glasses, the blond bombshells, other total losers) because they knew they'd have to keep them around for another 10 weeks because the competition is so NOT stiff.

OK, there's a rant, but it was the most cringe worthy reality show I've ever seen. Shows damn near anyone can make it on TV these days.