From the darling Mike Albo's "critical shopper" column in the Times about the new J. Crew men's boutique in Tribeca, which is housed in a former bar: "Still, some items were so outrageously preppy, I felt my original odium for the style rising in my throat like bad grain-alcohol punch. A series of knit ties in bright colors, $49.50, brought to mind a tragically alcoholic dorm mate from college on his way to a football game, and a quilted patchwork tote, for $850, was something his equally blotto girlfriend would use to carry around her pumps and kegger go-cup." Bonus points for grain-alcohol reference. [NY Times]


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I just can't believe how damn expensive J-Crew has gotten since my high school days! It used to be pricey, but no more so than, say, GAP. Now it's practically a friggen luxury brand!