Frightening Girl Loves Her Hitler Doll

Illustration for article titled Frightening Girl Loves Her Hitler Doll

Check out this picture of an adorable little girl hugging her OH SWEET CHRIST THAT IS A HITLER DOLL.

But before we judge whoever gave this little girl a doll of a deceased anti Semitic genocidal maniac, let's consider the possible not-awful explanations for this. Like, maybe her parents took this picture so that it can be beamed back in time to a young Adolf Hitler in an attempt to cheer him up after he got rejected from art school. Or maybe, uh, she drew on the doll's face. Maybe it's a joke doll that was sent out in press kits to promote another revival of The Producers.

Or maybe she just really loves hugging her little dictator as she lies down for Mein Napf.



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Wait?!? Is that Sadie Brown from Toddlers & Tiaras? The Hitler thing makes total sense in that context. Picture the doll sitting just out of frame.