Friendship On The Rocks? Let Jezebel Be Your Therapist!

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Ever felt like you were on the verge of a breakup with a former bestie? Like maybe you were inseparable in high school, but somewhere along the line she became one of those people who reads Suze Orman books at night while you became one of those thirtysomethings who has never actually been required to look "nice"? Or is it something subtler: your boyfriend, her trust fund, your baby, her Kabballah, your sudden drastic weight loss. The sinking lonely realization that maybe you just aren't that into her. Well don't get ahead of yourselves, girls! Friendship is the new marriage, and at Jezebel it's to the death! You're not really confrontational enough to end it anyway! Here's a fun thing to do instead: send your stories to us for a new column called "Can This Friendship Be Saved?" It's modeled after Ladies Home Journal's 896-year-old traditional nuptials column, and here's how it works.

You send us your rocky friendship story — and either get your friend to email us too, or provide us with her/his contact info. We'll interview you two Can This Marriage Be Saved style and then have the e friendship experts at Girl Gone Child weigh in on how salvageable your bond might be. (If they're still friends, there's probably hope for you, too!) Confidentiality is assured, and if you're in the New York area we'll even buy you a round of cosmos on Jezebel (or, haha, me?) in the name of girl bonding. Send your submissions to me.

(Oh, and would-be career counselors: we're working on you too. We've got a shortlist, but I got sick and things got derailed.)

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@Magz: I don't care if that POS who threw your son under the bus "needs a friend." YOUR SON has the record now, and look what HE has to overcome because of what she did.

I say, your son and you forgive her in that way you do when you let something go, then change your number, e-mail and every other way she could communicate with you. Slap a restraining order on her if you must. But letting a kid serve 18 months because SHE didn't want doesn't deserve your friendship.