French Vogue Must Not Think Blackface Is That Offensive

Illustration for article titled French iVogue/i Must Not Think Blackface Is That Offensive

Vogue Paris editor Carine Roitfeld and American photographer Steven Klein painted Caucasian model Lara Stone in blackface makeup for a spread in the magazine's new "Supermodels" issue — which featured no models of color whatsoever. Their reaction to the controversy?

Reports the Daily Mail: "French Vogue said it was unaware it had caused offense, but said it could not give any further comment."


French Vogue Accused Of Racism After Painting White Model Black For Fashion Shoot [Daily Mail]

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well, I don't know about France in particular, but the whole blackface thing's history is basically limited to America, so there are plenty of countries that have no clue about it being offensive. Japan won't hesitate to break out the brown paint when they can't find an actual black actor and think nothing of it, for example. As an American I find blackface disgusting and offensive, but that IS through our cultural-lens, so I'd say whether the French Vogue people really don't get what the hubbub is, or whether they're just ignoring complaints hoping people will move on, is about 50/50, maybe.