French Stalk Vogue Editor Anna Wintour, Uncover Scandale

In today's New York Times, Eric Wilson interviews Agnès Boulard and Loïc Prigent, who have a series on French TV, including a segment called Signé Anna (Signed Anna), referring to Anna Wintour, the editor of Vogue. Stalking Anna from show to show, they cull footage into hilarious, irreverent clips. This year, they found out that instead of attending shows, Anna would be previewing collections before returning to New York. "We were like paparazzi, waiting for hours outside Dior," Ms. Boulard said. "She was smiling." We dug up a clip from April. Our French is rusty, but we can walk you through the video, above:

To begin, the narrator points out that Anna Wintour (gasp!) smiles. Especially when the camera is following her. Sometimes she even laughs. But when she thinks the camera is off, she's pensive. There's a brief interview with Teen Vogue's Anna-haircut-copying editor Amy Astley. (Nouveau personnage!) In addition, viewers are introduced to Hamish Bowles, of new title Vogue Living. (Nouveau personnage!) Jennifer Hudson's cover is discussed as well. But nothing (RIEN!) prepared the filmmakers for the shock, SCANDALE! that follows: For the Nina Ricci show on Tuesday (MARDI!) Anna wore the same dress she did to the Balenciaga show on Sunday (DIMANCHE!) The same dress! (MEME ROBE!) You don't need to understand French to appreciate the flabbergasted disappointment apparent in the narrator's voice. Just listen.


Sacré Bleu! The Stalking of an Editor [NY Times]



This is an obvious spoof in which they're mock-scandalized that she wore a sleeveless dress in the front row; smiled (although colleagues call her the Ice Queen); and even laughed. The narrator jokes that Amy "Whats-Her-Name" has the same hairstyle, and they talk about how Jennifer Hudson is first plump woman ever on the cover. The subtitle of the show is "Terror and Fashion."

Agnes calls her a "boss-dyke" (patronne gouine) after she wears the same dress twice.