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French Cops Bust Alleged Jewel Thief Thanks to Parting Kiss

Illustration for article titled French Cops Bust Alleged Jewel Thief Thanks to Parting Kiss

File under: just deserts. French police have nabbed an alleged jewel thief—thanks to his decision to leave his victim with a peck on the cheek. Not just a criminal, but a creep as well!


Here's how it went down, according to the Guardian: a pair of robbers allegedly followed a Parisian woman home, tied her up and threatened to set her on fire (?!) if she didn't give them the security codes to her jewelry shop. They returned after four hours—having cleaned out the store—to set her free. But, whoops:

It was then that the 20-year-old thief made his mistake. "The crook gave the victim a kiss on the cheek, in what was apparently a sign of compassion after the ordeal he had put her through," a police source told Le Parisien newspaper. "As soon as she was free the victim alerted the police."


Smooth move, Cary Grant. Forensics managed to isolate his DNA, and when he was picked up on unrelated charges in southern France, authorities connected the dots. He reportedly admitted during questioning that the nonconsensual kiss was meant to "make up for the trauma."

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Montauk Monster

One doesn't like to traffic in stereotypes, but that is the Frenchiest story I have ever heard.