The Free People catalog is beautifully shot, but the half-naked teenage girls and $400 shoes give us pause. Hey, $400 shoes have their place — but when everything else in the catalog is relatively well-priced, it's just odd. Let's take a look, shall we?

Seriously, how old is this girl? Do you feel uncomfortable thinking about what she is wearing? (hoodie, $108; necklace, $48)

How about now? (crew shirt, $48; panties, $18; socks, $28)


And the part of Fiona Apple will be played by...

(dress, $128; necklace, $128; tights, $38; boots $378)

Oh, look. A half-naked, face-down teenage girl! And $400 shoes.

(tights, $38; shoes, $398)


The part of NYC socialite Arden Wohl will be played by...

(coat, $168; gray burnout long sleeved shirt, $48; socks, $28; headband, $28; shoes, $368)


This looks like a 70s soft -focus Playboy shoot. Uh, not that we've seen one.

(fringe duster, $148; shoes, $368)

What the hell. Why do the accessories cost so much more than the clothes? We like this necklace, but not enough to pay for it.

(tunic, $98; padlock necklace, $368)