A story in yesterday's Times on Law & Order star and oh yeah presidential candidate Fred Thompson's OMG-hot wife Jeri Kehn debunks notions she's a "trophy wife." For one, the piece points out that Fred's previous marriage ended when Jeri was, like, a toddler, so there was no home for her to wreck by the time she met Fred. For another thing, when she met Fred she had an actual career as a career hot Republican senate aide/flack, so it wasn't like he met her working at Dollywood, which is sort of the image we get when we think girls named "Jeri." But the piece left out Jeri's best defense against accusations of trophydom, which is that she hasn't always let the "plunging necklines" and "gold lame wedge sandals" do all the talking for her! Like when wonky TIME columnist Margaret Carlson started leaving doting messages on her man's machine a few years back and she called up NY Post gossip Richard Johnson to complain about it!

Jeri Kehn, former communications director for Sen. Connie Mack (R-Fla.), tells PAGE SIX she and Thompson have been "dating seriously" for a few months, although "it's really been going on - on-and-off - for about two years. I'm crazy about him."

Crazy is right!

The only problem, says the 33-year-old bombshell, is she has to contend with "all these women" surrounding the 57-year-old Republican, who has been linked in the past to country singer Lorrie Morgan and flame-haired GOP fundraiser Georgette Mosbacher, the author of "It Takes Money, Honey." "They just won't leave him alone," Kehn gripes. "I can't get up to get a cocktail at a party without coming back and finding some girl sitting in my chair." The Senator's most tenacious admirer, she claims, is Margaret Carlson, the toothsome Time magazine senior writer who co-hosts CNN's "Inside Politics." "She just won't get the hint that he has a girlfriend," Kehn snarls. "She calls his apartment all the time. I mean, what is the deal with these women? Don't they have any pride?"


Maybe they were just, er, lacking in discretion?? Either way, we're glad Jeri got her happy ending. Now could she beat up Judi Giuliani for us?

Will Her Face Determine His Future? [NY Times]