Frat Boys Walking in High Heels for Charity Is Quite a Sight to Behold

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It's not often that you associate a pack of frat boys with a campaign to raise awareness about sexual abuse and violence against women, but sometimes life offers up a nice surprise. This group of fraternity brothers at Western Kentucky University got together to walk—or at least try to walk—a mile while wearing pairs of red stilettos. They're quite a vision, stumbling across campus like a pack of newly-born foals trying to find their legs. They subjected themselves to this agony as part of the Walk a Mile in Her Shoes campaign, and they raised an impressive $1,000 for Hope Harbor, a rape crisis center. The whole thing warms your heart, but Kyle Smith's comment is particularly charming:

I just want to give shout outs to all the women who actually do wear high heels, 'cause they are extremely hard to walk in. So I just don't know how they do it. It hurts real bad.

Indeed it does, Kyle—and he says it with such sweet sincerity that it makes you want to give him a big old hug. Actually, while we're at it, let's give all of these guys a hearty high five for risking their feet to support such a worthy cause.


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Violet Baudelaire

Okay Jez, I see your frat boys walking in heels for charity, and I raise you the video here, taken recently when two male firefighters dressed up in formal wear on their way to the fire department's annual drag beauty pageant fundraiser had to stop and fight a fire unexpectedly.

Yes. You heard me. Firefighters in designer dresses putting out a fire. It's pretty great.