Frankenweenie: Now This Is What Tim Burton Is Good At

Disney just released a trailer for Tim Burton's newest venture Frankenweenie and guess what? It looks great! A lesson to Mr. Burton: stop relying on Johnny Depp in goofy costumes, leave Sondheim alone and devote yourself to more of this stop-motion awesomeness.


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Ugh, thank you Tim. Something original and distinctly you.

I don't understand where this stupid trend of him making everything "dark" and washed out came from, or how it came to be that everyone attributes that as *his* style. It most certainly is not and it is boring and tired and I just hate it. I'm a huge, huge Tim Burton fan but I HATED Sweeny Todd and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and I simply refuse to see Alice in Wonderland. Refuse. While I deeply respect their professional and artistic relationship, Johnny Depp is so much better than that those goofy characters Burton casts him in.

Beetlejuice? Pee Wee's Big Adventure? Batman? Mars Attacks? THE MOTHATRUCKIN' NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS? Those are his style. That shit is what movies are made of. Those titles are among my favorite films, they're just so unique with such a style that doesn't flaunt leitmotifs like the latter works do. They just ARE him.

People. Do you FEEL me?!