Frank Gaffney Uses Creepy Logic to Defend Fellow Crazy Person Michele Bachmann

After Michele Bachmann used her position on the House Intelligence Committee to make baseless accusations about Huma Abedin (which ultimately ensured that Hillary Clinton's aide would receive death threats), the Minnesota congresswoman has become pretty much a political leper. Pretty much. She still has her defenders, including people such as Frank Gaffney from the Center for Security Policy. Gaffney recently defended Bachmann's witch hunt by insinuating that Bachmann had identified a "pre-violent" element in the administration:

For people to turn a blind eye to this civilization jihad as the Muslim Brotherhood calls it that they're waging, not the violent kind of Al-Qaeda and so on, they will get to that in due course, but what's really pre-violent in character, stealthy, subversion from within. That's what we are up against, that's what Michele Bachmann and her colleagues have called attention to, that's why they are being assailed as they are, it's to shut down the investigations we need into this kind of subversive activity within our wire.


That's right, everyone — Michele Bachmann is being unfairly "assailed" for trying to create America's very own version of the Dreyfus affair.

Orwellian word of the day: ‘Pre-violent' [Maddow Blog]

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