Francesca Versace: The Little Versace Who Could

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Remember that newfound fascination and obsession with Donatella Versace? One of the other most interesting figures to emerge from the New Yorker profile on Donatella was her brother Santos (who is much more interested in things like saving the whales, the rainforest and the ozone layer than fashion) and his children, who must feel like major rejects considering that their cousin Allegra (Donatella's daughter) was bequeathed with 50% of the Versace fashion house by Gianni in his will, and that their cousin Daniel (Donatella's son) got his late uncle's entire art collection. Santos' kids? Zilch.


But it seems like they might be the very ones who just might get the last laugh. Santos Versace's daughter Francesca just graduated in 2006 from the renowned Central Saint Martins College design school in London and is already debuting her own fashion line — called Francesca V, which we think is both subtle and, uh, kinda porn star-sounding — during the Paris ready-to-wear shows next week. Apparently the "critics" were all wowed by Francesca's senior collection when she finished school (it's like the anti-Versace, refined, minimalist, elegant). Fuck inheriting an art collection!

Fashion World Holds Its Breath For New Versace In The House That Gianni Built [Guardian]



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