France Considers Banning Child Beauty Pageants

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It looks like Toddlers & Tiaras: The French Edition won't be happening anytime soon. The French government has issued a report calling for a ban on child beauty pageants, as well as padded bras and high heels on young girls. The proposed ban comes after 10-year-old Thylane Blondeau showed up in heels and a provocative outfit in Vogue Paris last year and sent the world into a tizzy fit. The senator who wrote the report, Chantal Jouanno, has said that the sexualization of young girls is "contrary to the dignity of the human being" and is a step backward for gender equality.


A ban like this doesn't sound like the worst idea, though parts of it seem rather tricky to enforce. But it could have serious consequences. Just think of all the little French aspiring Honey Boo Boo Childs who are already out their guzzling their Jus Spécial in preparation for stardom. Their dreams will be crushed, but it's probably worth it to restore the "dignity of the human being."

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This is ridiculous.

While we may not approve of beauty pageants, this is a crazy level of intrusiveness. I understand the burqa ban as a safety thing (so that you can see people's faces, so your sight isn;t hampered) but it should also cover all facial coverings, like scarves and balaklavas.

This, however, is nuts. What justification could they use? It's not street safety. Its unenforceable and over the top. And if they are looking to place blame on something for causing negative self image problems among young girls then they should look no further than one of their own major industries: Fashion.