Foxy Brown: A History Of Violence

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Foxy Brown was arrested yesterday again. This time, it was for smacking her neighbor upside the head with a BlackBerry on July 30. Booked on charges of felony assault, menacing, harassment and criminal possession of a weapon, she was released on $5000 bail. Foxy (née Inga Marchand) has been having a helluva time lately, and the stories just seem to get weirder and weirder. Remember when she went deaf last year? Or when she got jumped by her pimp BF's hoes in Brooklyn a few months back? Or when she got a beat down from rapper Jacki-O? Or when she got in a physical altercation with two manicurists over a $20 tab? Or when she went missing for a week last month, causing alarm amongst her lawyers and loved ones? Seriously: Foxy, who hasn't released an album in over four years, is a rapper with a long-ass rap sheet. After the jump, a time line of Foxy's most memorable controversies.



  • At 17 years of age, Foxy received a 30-day suspended sentence and 80 hours of community service for assault after she spat on two hotel workers in Raleigh, North Carolina. What prompted the attack? They told her they didn't have an iron available.


  • Foxy crashed her Range Rover while driving in Brooklyn, and was subsequently arrested for driving with a suspended license.
  • After all but destroying her relationships with childhood friends Jay-Z and Nas due to her erratic behavior, Foxy checked into rehab at the ripe old age of 20 for addiction to painkillers.


  • A shooting that took place outside of NYC radio station Hot 97 was said to be sparked by the long-running feud between Foxy and Lil' Kim. Neither woman was arrested in connection with the incident.


  • Foxy was arrested in Jamaica for an "altercation" with a policewoman at the airport there. She never showed for her court appearance, so she's totally screwed if she ever goes back.


  • Foxy went on the Wendy Williams radio show and lashed out at then-Def Jam president Lyor Cohen, saying that he was in cahoots with P. Diddy to illegally trade the masters of her recordings on her unreleased album. She went on to blame Cohen for causing her to have a miscarriage from stress.
  • Foxy was dropped from Def Jam.


  • Foxy was charged with attacking two manicurists in NYC after refusing to pay a twenty-dollar bill. She refused to plea bargain, and was sentenced to three years probation and anger management classes.


  • Rapper Jacki-O claimed that she and Foxy got into it in a recording studio in Miami. What started as a verbal fight quickly turned into a physical altercation. Jacki says she won the fight. Foxy publicly insisted that Jacki exaggerated the incident to gain press for her album.
  • In December '05, Foxy was in court over the manicurist assault from 2004. She was handcuffed to the bench after she stuck her tongue out at the judge, but not before she hit the court officer who was fastening the handcuffs. She refused to apologize until she was threatened with 30 days in jail for contempt.
  • On the steps of the courthouse that December, Foxy's lawyer confirmed rumors that she'd gone deaf after being diagnosed with "sensorineural hearing loss." She fired him right afterwards.


  • Foxy had surgery for her hearing issues and claimed the problem is 100% fixed, despite reports that she wears a hearing aid.


  • In February, Foxy was in a beauty supply store in Broward County, Florida, applying makeup in the bathroom. An employee of the store told her the store was closing and it was time to leave. Foxy became enraged, refused to leave, and threw hair glue at the employee, and then spat on him after he called 911. She took a swing at the police officer that showed up on the scene, who apparently had to "use a take-down maneuver to gain control" of her. She was then arrested and spent the night in jail. She failed to show up for her court appearance and a warrant has been issued for her arrest.
  • In March, Foxy plead guilty for violating probation by leaving New York without permission. Her probation was extended by another six months.
  • In June, Foxy was jumped by three female friends of her ex-BF, whom she allegedly dumped because she found out he was a pimp, in the literal sense. The allegedly beat her and tore out her weave. The ex-BF was arrested for assault, but then Foxy came out and denied that the attack ever happened, despite the fact that her smashed hearing aid was found on the scene.
  • In July, The New York Post's "Page Six" reported that Foxy had been missing for a week, and her lawyers and family had no idea where she was. She later resurfaced at an awards show, with no explanation for her disappearance.

Yesterday it was announced that Foxy has left Roc-A-Fella Records to start her own label, Black Rose Entertainment. Her album Brooklyn Don Diva is set to be released in December 2007. We're hoping she has some hits up her sleeve that don't involve her fist in someone's face!



She hasn't had a record out since...yeah, exactly. So, she's gotta keep her name in the papers somehow. I gotta believe this is gonna catch up with her sooner or later. In the meantime, I think you should change the graphic to the Black barbie throwing the phone at the White barbie.