Fox's Settlement Costs for the Year Rise to $50 Million, Excluding All Those Astronomical Severance Packages

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On Monday, 21st Century Fox reported that it had spent $50 million in costs related to the settlement of copious sexual harassment and discrimination allegations leveled against current and former employees between June of 2016 and this past June


According to the New York Times, Fox revealed the figure in a regulatory filing, and the $50 million does not include the massive payouts it lavished upon several of the accused men (Roger Ailes was reportedly given a severance package worth $40 million, while Bill O’Reilly was awarded $25 million on his way out the door) once the allegations against them became too damaging for the company to ignore.


The total figure, including every sort of cost incurred due to what Fox is cynically calling “management and employee transitions restructuring,” comes out to $224 million.

The last time Fox disclosed its settlement costs, the company had paid $45 million over the nine months leading up to March 31, indicating that in the ensuing time Fox has continued to bleed money, with no indication of slowing down, so long as the lawsuits don’t let up.

Which they won’t. Fox faces a class-action discrimination suit that it just reportedly refused to settle and a little over a week ago the company suspended another one of its vile hosts, Eric Bolling, over sexual harassment allegations (sending unwanted dick pics to female colleagues). 

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