Fox's Gretchen Carlson Walks Off Set as Brodude Coworkers Crack Hilarious Sexist Jokes

You know what isn't hilarious? Boring-ass jokes that have been beaten to death, revived, and then beaten to death again, ad infinitum, over the course of decades. And it's extra not-hilarious when the joke teller thinks he's the funniest, most interesting, most spectacular orgasm of awesomeness to walk the face of the earth. So, it stands to reason that when Fox & Friends' Steve Doocy began cracking jokes about how ladies be ladying around, cohost Gretchen Carlson could stand to be around it. She walked off set, leaving Doocy to crack one more unfunny joke as a solo act.

When you're so annoying that not even Gretchen Carlson can stand you, it may be time to reevaluate some things.


[Think Progress]

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