Fox's Abortion Reality Filled With White Christian Women

The mouthpiece of your crazy republican grandma, Fox News, debuted a documentary on abortion this past Saturday called Facing Reality: Choice (somehow that sounds like the set up for a joke, but it's for real). Fox purports to show the struggles that "everyday Americans" experience when deciding the fate of their unborn child, except that all three of the women featured are white and decidedly Christian, which I suppose in Fox's world is the only kind of "everyday American" that exists. The clip above shows Jeanne, 30, who is basically Citizen Ruth. She's already given birth to five children by several different fathers — three girls of whom she does not have custody, a boy born drug-addicted because of her coke use who was given up for adoption, and a boy who died of sudden infant death syndrome. The family who adopted her son is paying for her rent and other needs because they expect to adopt the baby she is currently carrying. In the meantime, Jeanne picks up some drug dealer boyfriends along the way. The whole thing is so depressing, and also: an argument for sterilization.

Facing Reality: Choice [Fox News]

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