Fox Sexpert Thinks "Sex" Is Only Vaginal

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Yesterday, Yvonne Fulbright, Fox News' "sexpert", wrote an entire column about how it's the size of a woman's vagina that causes her to reach orgasm during "sex." But it becomes clear from reading her that she defines "sex" as vaginal.

Fullbright says that it's "size that matters" for women and not necessarily for men:

New research from Kim Wallen, a professor of psychology and behavioral neuroendocrinology at Emory University, indicates that the distance between a woman's clitoris and vagina may determine how easily she climaxes from sex alone.


Um, sex alone? It seems to me that Fulbright seems to be unaware that there are other kinds of sex than penis-in-vagina sex. Most sex researchers say that there are women that may not climax during vaginal sex, but they can climax via manual or oral manipulation of the clitoris.

But the real problem with Fulbright's analysis is that she look to biology to explain why women don't climax during "sex alone." By looking to biology she's suggesting that "sex alone" is the default. It perpetuates a stereotype of women feeling inadequate if they can't achieve climax during vaginal sex. The message seems to be that men have nothing to worry about—it's not their size that matters, it's their female partner's size. If she can't climax during "sex alone" well, I guess she's just out of luck.

Fulbright needs to start thinking outside the, ahem, box. Fulbright, by suggesting women's bodies are somehow wrong for "sex alone," is demonstrating that her knowledge of sex is shallow and unsophisticated. She really shouldn't be giving advice to other people.

FOXSexpert: Guess What? Her Size Matters Too [Fox News]

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