Freelance political soundbyte-for-hire Sarah Palin appeared on Fox News yesterday to provide some expert analysis on the Iowa caucuses, and also to dazzle the viewing audience with her new, wavy hair.

Palin John Maddened the appearance, as she always does ("The other frontrunners— strong, good showings tonight!" is the talking head equivalent of "The offense is looking to score."), but during the appearance, beamed in from Palin Headquarters in Wasilla, Alaska, it was her hair that got the most attention. It's wavy! The Bumpit's back! So shiny! Since she shied away from endorsing anyone running for the GOP nomination, her hair, arguably, was the most interesting thing about her analysis.

Let there be no mistake: this was not a hair compliment. It was an analysis critique.

With this move, Palin joins an exclusive fraternity of public figures with more interesting hair than opinions, including Donald Trump, Bruce Jenner, Felicity, Lady Gaga's wig stand, and Justin Bieber.


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