Fox News to Bring Political Expert Kim Kardashian to White House Correspondants' Dinner

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Since 1920, the White House Correspondants' Dinner has been a place for journalists covering the President and random, seemingly unaffiliated celebrities to gather, eat, laugh, enjoy, and gladhand each other. So it makes perfect sense that this year, Fox News is bringing as two of its esteemed guests political analysts Kim Kardashian and her pimp/mom, Kris.


It would be unfair to paint the WHC Dinner as a heady event for serious attendees only — comedians are often featured performers at the proceedings (like this year's host Jimmy Kimmel, or Stephen Colbert, who in 2006 presented a Presidential roast so ballsy that I'm pretty sure it got me pregnant). And we owe a debt of gratitude to the Washington Post for inviting Donald Trump to last year's event, as Trump provided America with some delightfully sourpuss reaction shots and the event's host with some great joke fodder. This year, politically unaffiliated celebrities like the cast of Modern Family (guests of ABC), Zooey Deschanel (guest of Bloomberg), Lindsay Lohan (guest of Greta Von Susteren), and Uggie the dog from The Artist (guest of the Washington Times). In the past, Kim Kardashian attended as a guest of Von Susteren as well.

I know the Kardashians have fans, genuine fans who honestly care about watching them end all of their sentences with invisible question marks. And I'm sure that Kim Kardashian has something to offer the world besides appearing at events covered in bronzer and standing around with her mouth hanging open. But it's a little gear grinding to imagine Kris Kardashian and her prize pageant queen of a daughter imagining that attending something with the word "White House" together lends them legitimacy as a pair people with talent or insight that's valuable to society at large.


I mean, at least Uggie the dog can do cool tricks. Kim's only trick is pretending that she doesn't know what sex is.

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This is actually pretty annoying. My cat Janis deserves to be there more than Ms. Kardashian.