Fox News' Laura Ingraham will not stand for President Obama's most recent collusion with the Liberal Media โ€” did you hear he hosted a recent policy meeting at the White House for MSNBC's primetime anchors??

"Can anyone even imagine how the press would have reacted if Fox News hosts and conservative personalities had stopped by the Bush White House to discuss policy?," reads a newsletter she sent out to fans yesterday. "They would have been rightly outraged."

Uh, except George Bush most definitely hosted Fox News hosts and other conservative pundits at the White House in 2006, and โ€” as you can see in the photo above โ€” Ingraham herself stopped by!

Media Matters For America reminds us that "The New York Times reported in October 2006 that Bush hosted a group of conservative personalities including Ingraham, Fox News host Sean Hannity (who also met with Bush at the White House the following year), and Fox News contributor Mike Gallagher." According to the Times, the meeting "was part of an intensive Republican Party campaign to reclaim and re-energize a crucial army of supporters that is not as likely to walk in lockstep with the White House as it has in the past." The caption on the photo literally reads, "President Bush discussed his policies with conservative radio hosts..."



Ingraham's producer told MMFA that was totally different:

During Laura's brief radio hiatus, the Daily Fix is written by staff. Although I didn't know Laura had visited the Bush White House with other conservative radio hosts, the circumstances of her meeting the president were quite different. Laura did not go to the White House to advise the president, but was simply briefed on policy for perhaps an hour. More importantly, it wasn't in the middle of a critical period when the President should be meeting with members of Congress to discuss resolving something as important as the fiscal cliff. The gist of the Daily Fix was that President Obama was neglecting crucial negotiations to meet with liberal members of the media, and that point still stands.


Sorry, no. "The gist" is that Ingraham made an embarrassing mistake, and is maybe also secretly jealous that she missed the recent White House gathering, because everyone knows Obama would be a way cooler host than Dubya.

[h/t Politico]