Fox & Friends Insists That Palin Haters Are All New York City Women

Fox & Friends is claiming, for the second time in as many weeks, that the only people who hate Sarah Palin are "elite" New York City women. Hostess Gretchen Carlson, who refers to herself "as somebody in the female persuasion," just doesn't understand the hatred, because Sarah Palin isn't "going to ruin your life." In addition to Carlson's commentary, our old buddy Steve Doocy says that a lot of New York women figure, "she's from a big state with not that many people and I'm better than her." Well this elite New York woman wants to correct your grammar. Better than she, Steve, better than she. Earlier: Jezebel Bugs Fox & Friends Host Steve Doocy


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That is so true!

Except I hate her and I'm in KS.

And so do all my girlfriends in KS and MO.

And my mom hates her and she's in central IL.

Oh yeah, and my sis-in-law in AZ hates her.

But I'm sure we're the only ones.