Fox Anchor Shep Smith Declares Politics 'Weird' and 'Creepy'

Fox News anchor Shep Smith has remained the lone, bewildered voice of semi-reason on the channel since George W. Bush declared that the mission had been accomplished. And today, he shared his true feelings on the nature of the political beast: it's bullshit.


After reading a statement from the Romney campaign about what dear friends Mittens and Annenberg are with Newtilda and his twenty-seventh wife Calismopolitan, Smith paused for a moment before declaring to his audience that politics is both weird and creepy, and completely divorced from reality.

I feel dirty having a mild brain crush on someone who is almost certainly a Replicant.

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I heart you so hard, Shep. I don't know how you hang out in that shit-lagoon, but I'm glad that some Fox viewers are occasionally exposed to reporting that is not completely insane. Please avoid reporting on Mississippi politics, as I fear it would put you totally over the edge.