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Fox Anchor Cries Foul On Fat-Shamer

Stuart Varney had "anti-obesity advocate" MeMe Roth on today to talk about Northwest Airlines' flight attendants' fight to get uniforms larger than a size 18. And then he did what every sane person longs to do: he publicly shamed her.

Ms. Roth — who was, unsurprisingly, more interested in mocking the width of the seat of a size 24 pair of pants and showing off how small she is by comparison — ended up sputtering by the end, no doubt wondering how it is that she came on Fox News expected to provide reasonably cogent commentary on the issues or back up her assertion that fat people don't deserve to work. Can we finally just accept that MeMe Roth's entire "anti-obesity" shtick has nothing to do with health and everything to do with her own obese, diseased ego?


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I never thought I'd say this about anyone on Fox News, but I love him. Maybe just for today, and maybe it's partly the accent, but I love him. Very much.