Perhaps you're wondering why Eva Longoria Parker, Amber Tamblyn or Demi Moore qualify as White House Correspondents. Don't question it! Saturday's event - and after-party at the Corcoran Gallery - brought out the glam.

The Good (With the caveat that First Ladies have an unfortunate habit of not walking red carpets, but from what we can see Michelle's gown would be in here):

Hamm and Westfeldt: the golden couple.


Keisha Whitaker, gown are absolutely stunning. Too bad her hubby's hand gives the "covering-stain" effect.

Padma Lakshmi's diaphanous rags/riches looks amazing...on her.


For those who thought they were officially over Grecian (raises hand), Demi and Ashton may change your mind!

This may be controversial, but I think Eva Longoria Parker's blushing gown is fun and lovely.


Connie Britton is simple, elegant.


Mellody Hobson looks stunning. George Lucas looks like he has a big ranch full of effects.

The Bad:

Donatella Barbie. Nuff said.


I like to think a flock of magical birds came down and clothes Mariska Hargitay, like in the original, creepy "Cinderella," the one where the stepsisters chop their toes off. Actually, it's totally growing on me.

Suzanne Malveaux's stiff gift-wrap of a frock does the form few favors.


Meghan McCain channels... Haight Ashbury maternity? Why?!

What Say You?

I wish we had a full-length of Alicia Keys, but am curious to know what ye oracles think of her black and white graphic?


So when my boyfriend looked over my shoulder he said, "Looks like Alan and Andrea's choices in fashion equal their financial prognostications." He then said something about "cruise-wear." Mean! I think it's far from that clear-cut; what say you?


Amber Tamblyn sports the very definition of "Jezebel Red." You like?

[Images via Getty]