Four. Years.

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The latest charming detail to emerge from the Texas Church of Latter-Day Old Fuckers Who Prey On Tweens: the "Sex Temple." (Not to be confused with the surveillance tower guarding the Sex Temple.) Click the pic to read two of the creepiest sections of the search warrant. [The Smoking Gun]

Illustration for article titled Four. iYears./i
Illustration for article titled Four. iYears./i

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@charlotte corday: This dude "created" a religion that basically "Americanized" Christianity and allowed women to be treated like cattle by the male elders. Anyone who remotely differs from the view, is cast out of the family and the town. This to me does not sound like a religion created in the reflection of Jesus in any sort of way. I personally believe that if you are creating religions, i.e. Mormon, Scientology, Jonestown, it is too fulfill your own prophecy and enlarge your status on this Earth. It is to make your words turn into gold and this all too easy nowadays when there is so "much bad in the world". On the Oprah special a few weeks ago about polygamy, there was a woman who left this sect and she spoke about how she was trained from when she was very young to believe that the rest of the world would hurt her or kill her if she left the confines of the compound. After she took a college class and saw that people weren't out to get her in the real world, she woke up and left the compound with her kids.