Four Vacation Packages We'd Like To Take!

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An article about a holiday "On the Trail of Laura Ingalls Wilder" got us thinking: what book vaycays would we like to see?


The Genuine Crime and Punishment Experience: Learn to swing an axe in a 6 X 6' room! Spend one week doing penal servitude in Siberia! Price includes one wooden cross, unlimited time for mental anguish, soul-searching, and the ultimate rejection of nihilism.
"I'd recommend the Crime and Punishment Experience to anyone searching for an escape from the materialism of the prevailing zeitgeist!" - Peggy Nolan, Akron, OH

Outward Bound: Lord of the Flies: Your child will be dropped on a deserted island with no wilderness or survival training. Included in price: one-way airfare, conch shell. Learn first-hand the evil of man and the significance of civilization on our baser natures! Contemplate the influence of the Cold War on cultural nihilism!
"Lord of the Flies really helped Ryan grow up. He hasn't been the same since! He'll thank us one day." - Bill Pretz, Williamsburg, VA

Death in Venice Walking Tour: Experience the beauty of Venice through the eyes of an author consumed with his own mortality and desire for a pre-pubescent Polish aristocrat! Like Gustav, you'll get the "middle-aged Italian roue makeover" complete with rouge and pomade, flee from the cholera, and stalk children across a picturesque Venetian resort. An escape from reality you won't forget!
"This really gives you time to enjoy your own company. I know myself a lot better now." - Mike Collins, Irvington, NY.

Grow Your Own Flowers in the Attic!: A perfect experience for you and three friends! Your journey begins in idyllic Gladstone, Pennsylvania, then continues by train to beautiful Charlottesville, Virginia, where you'll study arts and crafts, home decor and landscaping in cozy accomodations!
"You have to experience it to understand." - Molly Katz, 13

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The 'To Kill a Mockingbird' Experience:

Learn about racism and agoraphobia first hand and get stuck in a meat-shaped costume. It will make you a better person.