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Four of the 80 Tea Party Candidates up for Election Are Women

Illustration for article titled Four of the 80 Tea Party Candidates up for Election Are Women

In news that comes as a shock to absolutely no one, it turns out the Tea Party is having some trouble supporting women. In this year's election, 80 candidates have been endorsed by various national Tea Party groups like Tea Party Patriots and Club for Growth. Only four of them are women: Katrina Pierson (Texas, Congress), Karen Handel (Georgia, Senate), Joni Ernst (Iowa, Senate), and Mia Love (Utah, Congress). Pierson and Handel have already lost their primaries.


Scott Keyes at Think Progress points out that there are in fact other women running for the Republican party (though the number has dropped), but the Tea Party chose not to back basically all of them, instead opting to launch attack ads against Republican women already serving in Congress. You know, for a party that aims to remedy (or discount) the War on Women-brand they've really perfected, they're sure doing a shitty job of it.

We all know that the Tea Party is basically America's dementia-riddled great uncle whose resentment of modern American society parallels his indignation that Wayne Brady now hosts Let's Make A Deal. Still, their expectation to gain support after not showing support, that steadfast commitment to their own fundamental failures is absolutely awe-inspiring.

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Waffles, I'm eating them

the district that joni ernst is running for is next to mine. meaning I can't vote or not vote for her, but I'm in her fucking media market. there are probably 6 different commercials for by 6 different committees. I roll my eyes at all the other republican candidate's commercials but something about her's made me five times angrier. then I realized it's because the tone in her ads doesn't jive with the tone in my state. she doesn't seem like she's an Iowan she seems like something else. So I looked her up. Its because her candidacy has nothing to do with actually representing Iowa but representing a national agenda. pisses me off.