Call them the "Turkey School": artists โ€” and yes, there's more than one โ€” who work with leftover Thanksgiving carcasses. Janet Haddad is known in her Pennsylvania hometown as "The Bone Lady," and acquaintances are happy to ply her with leftovers to transform into placecard holders, earrings and animal toys (like the turkey sternum crab at left). While Ms. Haddad's crafts are modestly priced, the late Eugene von Bruenchenhein's intricate bone sculptures now command thousands of dollars at auction. Other artisans make bone angels and bone brooches, all of them going through the tedious boiling and stripping process necessary to render the bones workable. Says Haddad, "Most people have the turkey to eat, and that's it. When I sit down to Thanksgiving dinner, I see so much more." [WSJ]