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Lost is finally coming back with new episodes on January 21, and we have a two-minute sneak peek (click on the image to view it). Two men — one of whom is Angela's dad from My So-Called Life — show up on Kate's doorstep with a court order demanding blood samples from Kate and Aaron, Claire's baby which she's raising as her own, to determine her relationship to the child. The men say that they are not at liberty to say who their client is. So what the hell is gonna happen? Who is the mystery client? Who wants to take Aaron away? Something about these guys seems very "Others," but that might just be a red herring. It's killing us that we have to wait like six more weeks to find out! [NY Mag]


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I don't watch this show, but the mister is OBSESSED. He is foaming at the mouth for January 21 to come. I'm planning on hosting a Lost party for him and my friends (because they all watch it, too...I'm the odd man out)—even though I'm not into it, it could be fun to get everyone together, and maybe I can try to enjoy it.

Am I going to be hopelessly lost and hate it because I haven't seen everything before it? Or is it one of those where the background info is good, but it's still enjoyable television regardless?