'Formerly Fat' Kelly Osbourne Doesn’t Regret Calling Out Xtina's Weight Gain

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Explaining how vicious jibes about her size when she was younger led to a poor body image, Kelly Osbourne says she refers to herself as an FFP – or former fat person – and will never feel "skinny" no matter how many pounds she loses. "I grew up on the road with my father... but I came from a very small village, where everyone called me 'Kelly Smelly with the big belly whose dad's on the telly,'" she said. "And when you're an FFP, you will always see in yourself what people used to bully you for." But while you'd think that dealing with the long-winded taunt would lead her to be more considerate when it comes to talking about the bodies of other women, she says she doesn't regret calling Christina Aguilera fat last year because the singer has always been such an outright bitch. "She called me fat for years," she adds. "One night... I said, 'Fuck you. Now you're fat too.' I didn't say I wasn't fat. I said, 'Now you know how it feels.' And I'm sorry, but I stand by that." [Us]


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It's common knowledge that Mel Gibson is something of a raging anti-Semite, but Joe Eszterhas — aka the camp god who wrote the Basic Instinct and Showgirls scripts – says he's part of that upper-echelon of crazy known as Holocaust denial after working with him on the script for the now scrapped project, The Maccabees. "You continually called Jews 'Hebes' and 'oven-dodgers' and 'Jewboys.' It seemed that most times when we discussed someone, you asked 'He's a Hebe, isn't he?' You said most 'gatekeepers' of American companies were 'Hebes' who 'controlled their bosses,'" he wrote in a letter that was thankfully made public. "You said the Holocaust was 'mostly a lot of horseshit.' You said the Torah made reference to the sacrifice of Christian babies and infants. When I told you that you were confusing the Torah with The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, ... you insisted 'it's in the Torah — it's in there!' (It isn't)." [Radar]

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They've been separated forever, but the Jennifer Lopez/Marc Anthony divorce is finally official. Citing "irreconcilable differences," Marc was the one to file papers and asked for joint legal and physical custody of their twins Max and Emme. Someone's going to be breaking out the champale tonight. [NYDN]

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As most terrified new parents will tell you, the first three months of a baby's life revolves around trying not to accidentally drop it, drown it, or press its fontanelle. And Rihanna got a taste of what's to come if she decides to have kids after visiting pals Beyonce and Jay-Z and having a hold of wee Blue Ivy. "I went to visit her once and honestly, it's very surreal," she said. "It's almost like you don't want to touch her. I held her and I just felt like 'Oh my God, she's gonna break.' She's so tiny and cute and precious." [Page Six]

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They were probably just jealous of his tresses and insane musical ability (he plays about five billion instruments, right?), but Justin Bieber reveals he was once bullied (as he approved the use of his single "Born to Be Somebody" for Bully's new trailer). "I was bullied," he said. "Most people in their lifetime have been bullied at some point. I think that it's about time that people start making a change. A lot of the time, principals let it go, or teachers let it go, or other students just let it go, but I think this movie's really powerful and can help change a lot of lives." [E!]

  • It's official! Well, in the tabloid world anyway. Lana Del Ray is clearly boning Axl Rose if her Guns N' Roses T-shirt is anything to go by. [Page Six]
  • Axl also has a dreary explanation for being a drama queen and not wanting to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. [Us]
  • Mick Jagger's desperation was Ronnie Wood's gain, the latter saying the former begged him to join the Rolling Stones. [Page Six]
  • Tammy Lynn has responded to claims she burned her kid with a cigarette the best way possible – via free-form poetry. [Page Six]
  • The press on the The Avengers red carpet asked Scarlett Johansson the tough questions last night, namely her secret superpower. The actress's answer? Mad muffin-baking skills. [E!]
  • Though Robert Downey Jr. admits to having a pretty savage hard-on for Chris Hemsworth he's most taken with Chris Evans. [E!]
  • Khloe Kardashian gives Kanye West her approval when it comes to dating sister Kim, adding one more ‘K' to the klan. [NYDN]
  • And in news that will surprise absolutely no one, Kris Jenner is "thrilled" about Kim's romance with Kanye. [Radar]
  • Brooklyn Decker says she'd never hit the court with her tennis pro boyfriend Andy Roddick. Which is totally understandable as the game would be totally fucking boring for all involved. [Us]
  • Here is that video of Gerard Butler singing a little ditty at The Darby supper club last week. [TMZ]
  • A hotel worker has come forward to say that Lindsay Lohan was definitely involved in that bar room brawl. But you'd think someone would have photos of her entering or leaving the club seeing as she's harassed so consistently. That and who cares? [TMZ]
  • Paul Iacono of Hard Times of R.J. Berger fame came out as bisexual with a major preference for the pole. Finger snaps. [TMZ]
  • Dark Knight Rises cometh. [EW]
  • Humans are officially the most annoying creatures on the planet now that a piece of half-eaten toast that touched the lips of One Direction's Niall Horan has racked up almost $100,000 on eBay. It sounds like bullshit, but apparently Australian morning show Sunrise put it up for bidding with all proceeds going towards a charity. [Mirror]
  • Being a living legend is working out well for Adele, with the singer topping the Sunday Times Rich List of young British musicians after she made over $22million in the past 12 months. [Daily Mail]

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If wearing a Guns and Roses t-shirt means that Lana Del Ray is banging Axl Rose, I must be boning the fuck out of Robert Plant and not even realize it.

Also, I was apparently sleeping with Joel Madden in middle school.