Former Student Defends Fucksaw Demo

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It has barely been reported that the "fucksaw" demonstrators led an hour-long discussion after their shocking act. Can we extrapolate from this fact that some knowledge about human sexuality may have been gleaned? That some 19-year-old from Peoria might not think his new girlfriend is weird or disgusting when he stumbles upon her leather closet? That we all got here from fucking, that we do it in a lot of different ways, and someone should probably be studying it? Or would it just be easier and more satisfying to be scandalized?


- Joseph Bernstein, who calls J. Michael Bailey's Sexuality class the best of his undergrad career.

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What fucking 19 year old has enough money for a closet full of leather wear?

I've seen comments before about how much people got out of this class, but it is always couched in terms of what how it effected their personal view of sexuality, not in terms of academic growth. There is something a little iffy about that.

The linked article mentions a panel about gay men and how the student, who didn't know many gay men and all his misconceptions were blasted. But it then goes on to say that he realized how much more fucking went on when women were removed from the equation because all these dudes had fucked each other at one point or another.

The glaring omission that I see is no one brought up the possible role of gay culture in promiscuity. Obviously, it must be hormones.

That really doesn't gel for me with an academic class on human sexuality (I haven't taken anything quite like this, but I've taken classes that studied elements of human sexuality). The context in which sexual acts happen is relevant and you can discuss that without judgement. Not doing so suggests the whole class is more about looking at the freaky things people.