Got a hairy man fetish? You're not alone! Sassy vet Marjorie Ingall goes on for almost 1,300 words about her love for "men with hair. And not just a tasteful little patch, dead-center, either: I like a full-on chestal pelt, hirsute arms, be-furred legs, even a butt rug." (Butt rug is officially my new favorite phrase!) She describes the straight bear type as "primal, manly, sexual," and wonders what other women see in virtually hairless teenyboppers. That chest waxing scene in the 40-Year-Old Virgin must have been traumatizing for Marge. Later on, she wonders, "why do so many grown women skeeve at the sight of male fuzz? Is it because they see hairless men as gentler, more likely to respect a woman's equality? Is a womanly preference for dainty smoothness a statement about our growing economic power and the mainstreaming of feminism? Or does it show our own ambivalence about gender roles?" I can only speak to my personal preference, but I think my distaste for back hair has nothing to do with the mainstreaming of feminism. That shit is just nasty.

But I enjoyed Margie's willingness to cop to an obsession with a way of looking that is outside the alleged ideal. While I am grossed out by aggressive hairiness, I've always had a fondness for the chunk. One of my best friends is exclusively into super scrawny dudes whom everyone else thinks are gay. True story! Essays like Ingall's make me feel fuzzy inside because different perceptions of attractiveness are what makes the world go 'round.

I Heart Hairy Men [Jewcy]