Former Real World Star/Congressman Disgusted That Rape 'Being Used as Political Football'

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Know what's horrible? Rape. Know what's even worse than rape? When Democrats point out that Todd "Legitimate Rape" Akin's kooky views aren't that far from the GOP mainstream. Just ask Wisconsin Rep. Sean Duffy, who has finally shown us what happens Congressmen stop being polite and start getting real. The Real World: RNC.


Duffy, who first came into public prominence as the lumberjackiest cast member of The Real World: Boston, weighed in on the still-raging "legit rape" debate during an interview with Piers Morgan here in Tampa. It went like so:

MORGAN: What about Paul Ryan's positions on social issues like abortion? He's pretty right-wing, to the more extreme end of the party. Are you concerned that that will be perceived as anti-women?

DUFFY: Well I think what the issue's that extreme is when Barack Obama has voted four times to say if you have a failed abortion and the baby is born alive, you aren't allowed to save it. That is what is extreme. And I think we have to have a real conversation not just on social issues, but the real issues that Americans care about, which is the debt, which is the economy, which is jobs. Moms and dads across America, moms specifically.

MORGAN: But if you're trying to target women, which Mitt Romney has to do because he's way behind on women, is it really advisable to have people like Todd Akin rearing their ugly heads, coming out with all this guff about rape?

DUFFY: You want to know what I think is ugly? I was a prosecutor. I prosecuted rape cases for adults and children. And the Democrat Party is going to try to use rape as a political football, that's a disgrace. I'm disgusted by it.

MORGAN: Well actually, I thought Todd Akin's comment was a disgrace wasn't it?

DUFFY: And I called it a disgrace. But it shouldn't be used politically. You had virtually all Republicans stand up and say that was wrong, we don't approve of it, and now that it's being used politically – that's disgusting!

Yes, pointing out that Todd Akin and Paul Ryan have virtually the same legislative approach to rape is pretty gross. Shame on you, media.

Sean Duffy, like his conservative colleagues, has been gladhanding his way around Tampa with a suspiciously tanned face and sleeves rolled up like he could start digging a hole with a big shovel at any minute. And it should be noted that even though he's from the tippy top of Northern Wisconsin, he's suspiciously, dangerously Boehneresquely tan. I doubt it's legitimate.



I'm getting pretty tired of this "Don't talk about what we've actually said or done ever, you mean old meany!" tactic the GOP is taking. Along with what should be the embarrassingly kindergarten "I know you are but what am I?" responses to *EVERYTHING,* they should really be ashamed of themselves. Apparently the this party of family values and never-changing morals has no moral baseline. If you call them on anything, their response that "x did it, too!" is somehow supposed to make whatever horrible thing they've done okay. Even though the comparison they make in their defense is usually much different (or a lie) to what they're getting called out for doing.

Look, GOP, if the Democrats jumped off a bridge, would you?

I'm asking that seriously because I'm looking for a way to destroy you all and considering how stupidly you've been acting and talking lately, I think this idea has legs.