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Former Playgirl Editor Schools Fox News On What Women Want

Illustration for article titled Former emPlaygirl/em Editor Schools Fox News On What Women Want

Last night, Nicole Caldwell, former Playgirl editor-in-chief, was interviewed on Fox News' Red Eye about the demise of her former home away from home. In between a bunch of dick jokes, Caldwell discussed the fact that — despite Playgirl's reputation of being more for gay men than women — it was part of her job to provide content that appealed to women. (It was, after all, originally founded as a feminist response to Playboy.) Caldwell chastised host Greg Gutfeld after he insisted that Playgirl's demise was due to the fact that men are more visually stimulated than women, telling him, "I'm not going to accuse you of having no emotional component just because women are perceived as being more emotional." Video after the jump.Click to view


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Interesting. Has Playgirl closed down because of the way the publishing industry is moving, or because women have evolved since the rise of feminism?

Calling Playgirl "gay" sounds like a lot of anti-feminism sour grapes (so what if the guys did, whatever stokes their furnace). I'd bet a lot of lesbians have (and still do) enjoyed Playboy over the years, but you don't hear of it being tarred with the same brush - heh, that might make it even hawter for the guys. Bah, male double standards.

I think it would be very cool if PlayGirl is going by the wayside because "women don't need it anymore". Can the same be said of Playboy?