Former Pastor Encourages Christians to Get Down with Christian Sex Toys

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A former Dutch pastor named Marc Angenent has carved out a niche market selling sex toys on-demand to Christians through his subversively named website "Love Garden." This new business is very important to Angenent in his ongoing effort to combat what he calls "lust phobia" among Christian couples. And what better way to get encourage timid couples than to sell them gels that protect against premature ejaculation, dildos, prostate stimulators, erection rings, and, the "Iris" vibrator, which, at more than $100, is considered the pink Cadillac of vibrators and easily Angenent's bestselling item?


Der Spiegel reports that Angenent spent 23 years as the minister of a young congregation. He would visit what were often newlywed couples and ask them, as if it was any of his business, if they had satisfying sex lives. To the many couples who told him that, even in the early stages of their marriages, sex was often boring, Angenent suggested that they give freer rein to their more lustful fantasies. Now retired from the divinity racket, Angenent works as a sex therapist and sex toy purveyor, a dual vocation that seems to utilize his talent for frankly discussing the sexual dysfunctions of total strangers. The seemingly liberated Angenent, though, has one restriction on items that he'll sell — no S&M paraphernalia and no porn. Not that the Dutchman isn't totally cool with that sort of thing (he is), it's just that he doesn't want to freak out any of his new Christian customers, many of who might be taking their first tentative steps into the enchanted, Dr. Seuss-like jungle of sex toys.

Former Pastor Opens Sex Shop For Christians [Der Spiegel]

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I have the Iris vibrator. It's made by lelo and definitely worth the price / hype.