Former Palin Advisor Says Game Change Pretty Much Happened

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If you tuned into Game Change this weekend because you have enough money to afford a subscription to HBO and you don't mind reliving the terrifying acid trip that was Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin's rise to national prominence, you're probably wondering how many dramatic embellishments the movie used to jazz-up the true story of the McCain campaign. Not many, as it turns out.


Former Palin advisor Nicolle Wallace (played by Sarah Paulson), said that the HBO production was "true enough to make her squirm" in spite of Palin's claim that Game Change had spun a "false narrative" about her campaign. Says Wallace,

This is a movie about the vast gray area where 99 percent of our politics actually takes place. You're just feeling your way though a gray area and doing your best and that campaign was one of those instances for me.


Trying her best, for instance, to keep Palin focused at times when the vice presidential candidate seemed "deeply troubled." Palin seemed so troubled, in fact, that Wallace said she based the mentally-ill vice presidential candidate in her [fictional] book It's Classified on Palin.

[Sarah Palin's behaviors] concerned a lot of people, and we did have discussions about whether it would be appropriate from someone who seemed to swing from so high to so low, when the pressure of the campaign as placed on her shoulders, would it be appropriate for somebody like that to have to endure the burdens of the vice presidency?

Feel free to continue calling Sarah Palin crazy — now, at least, you have a pretty legitimate reference to toss around.

Former Sarah Palin Adviser Says ‘Game Change' Was ‘True Enough to Make Me Squirm' [ABC News]

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