Former Official SNL Blog Parodist Likes Blogs Now

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In BlackBook, Michaela Watkins talks about feeling internet love the week she got fired from SNL: "It was really nice having what I would think while I brushed my teeth being echoed in people's blogs." All is forgiven, Michaela! [BlackBook]

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Must-read lady comedian quote:

Was SNL a bit of a boys club? As a woman, how did that make you feel?

It’s not that SNL is a boys club; it isn’t a boys club. You can’t look at what Tina, Amy, and Kristen are doing and say it’s a boys club. It’s an easy thing to say, I think. That’s not the issue. The issue is that comedy is what it is, and women have made such huge strides in it, but comedy itself is not as forgiving to women as it is to men. I think that’s what’s going on, you know? I just think that men can get away with certain things and so can women, but it seems like women really have to blow doors in order to do things. I sometimes wonder. This is so personal, and I don’t think I am speaking on behalf of comedy. I am just speaking on behalf of me when I say—having been at the Groundlings and places like that, it’s moving swiftly, but there are times where men have a little more leeway with the audience. Then I think it is an even playing field, and then I think it’s play ball. I am just saying that first pitch; I think women have to hit the ball extra hard.