Former NYPD Officer Acquitted of Rape Unsurprisingly Determined an ‘Unfit’ Parent in Custody Battle

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Kenneth Moreno, one of the pithily nicknamed NYPD "rape cops" who was cleared on all but three charges of "official misconduct" despite a preponderance of evidence (including surveillance footage) suggesting that he raped a woman in her apartment while his partner played lookout, is back in the courts, this time fighting for custody of his 16-year-old daughter.

The Post reports that Judge Dean Kusakabe granted temporary custody of Moreno's daughter to his mother after determining yesterday in Brooklyn Family Court that both Moreno and Maria Cruz, the mother of his child, are unfit parents. Moreno has been serving a one-year-sentence for charges of official misconduct stemming from his involvement with a high-profile rape trial that culminated in May of 2011. His attorney, Cheryl Solomon, criticized Cruz for continuing to refer to Moreno by his Post-bestowed nickname "rape cop," which is probably immaterial since Children's Law Center lawyer Dawn Post, who represents Moreno's daughter, has made clear that her client would rather not live with Cruz anyway.


‘Rape case' cop custody war [NY Post]

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