Former MTV VJ Sued by Ex Girlfriend For Being a Loser

Brian McFayden, who some of you may remember as that MTV guy you wanted to fuck in 1999, is being sued by an ex girlfriend who claims the TV personality was an unemployed loser who used her for her Playstation.

According to the complaint, McFayden misled his ex girlfriend into thinking he was looking for a job when he was actually sitting at home all day playing video games while the girlfriend supported him financially. Additionally, McFayden "fraudulently represented to [her] that he planned on asking her to marry her."

"You dumb loser jerk! Why won't you marry me?" is the Lady version of "I'm a nice guy! Why won't these cunts sleep with me?"

McFayden is being asked to repay the ex for the money she lent him and reimburse her $1,200 for the therapy she was given no choice but to undergo as a result of his fuckery.


It's a good thing that 15-year-old-and-hopelessly-crushing Me didn't get her way and have Brian McFayden as her boyfriend, because he sounds like a jerk. We never would have lasted anyway; I didn't have a Playstation, plus boys didn't like me when I was 15.

Ex-MTV VJ Sued— He USED Me For My Playstation! [TMZ]

Programming note: You may notice a new byline on today's Jezebel; it's not a new person, it's the same old Sunday lady you're used to, just writing under my real name for now until I enter the Witness Protection Program. I was getting weary of sounding like a hippie-spawned purveyor of homemade Dream Catchers, plus my recent lack of Facebook friend requests was really starting to wear on my already flimsy self-esteem.

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Guitarists in indie bands all across Brooklyn are reading this story today and it's sending a cold chill of pure terror down their spines.